A Crypto Vault Platform for the robust protection of your digital assets

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You Value It, We Protect It

A Crypto Vault, a Web3 solution, with the highest security standards for the self custody of crypto tokens

  • Small & Medium sized businesses 
  • Freelancers, Self Employed 
  • E-Commerce businesses 
  • Online Platforms 
  • Brick and Mortar Shops 
  • Merchants -Individuals 
  • Self Managed Super Funds 
  • Government Organisations, Associations, and Partnerships Institutional Investors
  • Public and Listed companies

ARMDV Balances Convenience, With Security

  • Self-custody for 100+ crypto tokens with detailed logging of all actions
  • ISO27001 and PCI DSS compliance 
  • Connect ARMDV with ARMUP web portal and iOS and Android App
  • Keep your crypto tokens without worrying about unauthorised access
  • Hold your own private keys, so nobody can use them without your permission

Buy, Sell, and Hold Various Crypto Tokens, With Trust and Confidence

ARMDV only allows self-custody of your cryptocurrencies, and works alone and in tandem with the ARMUP Crypto Platform.

Security and Ease of Mind

No unauthorised access to your ARM Digital Vault due to hacking and protection against transaction errors. Multi-factor authentication (MFA) also offers an additional security layer to verify and authenticate only known identity.

Comprehensive Account Overview

Get all the information such as logging actions delivered to you via email or SMS. Enjoy a dependable vault with an enterprise-grade security to keep custody of your digital assets

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to commonly asked questions by ARMDV users.

What is ARM Digital Vault (ARMDV)?

ARMDV is a Crypto Vault Platform, a web3 solution, which allows its customers the self custody of their crypto tokens. 

Can I Use Armdv Even If I’m Not A Business?

Yes, of course! ARMDV caters to small & medium sized businesses, Individuals (like freelancers, self employed, and contractors), E-Commerce businesses, online platforms, brick and mortar shops, merchants, self-managed super funds, government organisations, associations and partnerships, institutional investors, public and listed companies.

Is Armdv Secure?

Yes, ARMDV is ISO27001 and PCI DSS compliant, meaning it adheres to the strict information security standards.

How Can I Use Armdv?

Please note that ARMDV only allows self-custody to its customers, and works alone and in conjunction with the ARMUP Crypto Platform as well.

Can I Access Armdv Via App?

Yes, ARMDV is available as a Mobile (IOS, Android) App and as the Web portal.